June 12, 2024


Ever since we were young, we were told that education is important. It will get you a well-paying job and help you succeed in life. Don’t get me wrong, everyone who told us that was right, however, not everyone can get that post-secondary education that they deem so helpful.
The main reason is that the cost of tuition is ridiculous. Every year students are expected to fork out thousands of dollars for an education to help them get a great career. That’s all well and dandy if you have the money, but what if you don’t?
Many students rely on OSAP, but unfortunately these students will be paying that off for years to come. Tuition alone is in the thousands every year and that doesn’t include books, living expenses and transportation.
In my opinion I think we should be paid to go to school. I know that sounds a little far-fetched but could you imagine how many people could go to school and better their lives if they didn’t have to pay. I bet there are thousands of kids who have brilliant minds and would thrive with a better education but due to their financial status they can’t enrol in post-secondary studies.
There are so many students who deserve the right to go to school, so why charge so much money? It’s cruel to tell kids all through grade school and high school that if they go to college for the job they want they’ll be set for life. Personally that’s what I got out of high school; they constantly drilled into our heads that it was necessary to go to college.
But if you can’t afford it and your parents can’t either, what are you supposed to do? Yes, a part-time job will help but that money will be gone pretty fast and working a job and going to school is difficult, especially at exam time.
The added need to make our parents proud is a constant push to keep us striving for the best. The worst thing you can hear is “I’m disappointed” from your parents. No one likes hearing it, especially when it comes to education.
My point is, everyone deserves a higher education. Most of us want a future where we’re not stuck doing a job we hate. Since we are going to be working for most of our lives we need to have all educational doors open to us.
We all deserve that chance to be the best that we can be regardless of where we came from and the upbringing we got as children. Your financial status shouldn’t define the rest of your life.