June 12, 2024

Most kids grow up wanting a dog for a companion. But when they get said dog, it is usually a puppy because, for whatever reason, people seem to think that it is easier to train a puppy than a full-grown dog.

This isn’t true. You can always teach an old dog a new trick. Dogs of all ages are smart and with a little consistent training they’ll learn quickly what is OK and what is not OK to do. You can compare it to raising a toddler because you would have to teach the child what is right and what is wrong.

And, there definitely are some great perks that come with adopting older dogs.

For instance, they know they’re supposed to go outside to do their business, because usually a previous owner has trained them to  do this.

A second perk is they are not as expensive as getting a puppy. The price for a puppy, especially if it’s a purebred, can be $1,500 or higher.

The price doesn’t include their shots or spaying or neutering.

One last perk is that older dogs will often have experience being around children. They will know how to handle and react to children much better than a puppy. A puppy would be far more hyperactive and unpredictable because everything would be new to him or her; the house, the people, the yard and maybe even another animal.

I have personal experience with adopting an older dog. I got my shepherd-collie cross from the Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society when she was two years old. I won’t lie, it got frustrating sometimes but she did catch on pretty quick and she already knew how to get along with other animals. I think it was the better choice.

All dogs deserve a loving home, so for those of you who are considering getting one, why not stop by your local humane society and take a look at some older animals who will truly appreciate it and love you for it.

The humane society in Kitchener-Waterloo is located at 250 Riverbend Dr.

You can contact them by phone at 519-745-5615 or by email at info@kwhumane.com.