June 21, 2024


The Conestoga College student fundraising campaign for the United Way was a success.
Although the exact total is not yet known, Student Life programmers Janina Robinson and Ryan Connell said they were happy with the results this year.
“Overall, I feel the campaign was very successful,” said Robinson. “The student portion of fundraising was approximately $1,400.”
“We’re expecting that the full amount is probably going to be around $3,000,” she added.
In addition to the student campaign, there was a faculty and staff campaign. The goal for all campaigns was set at $50,000, of which $43,283  had been raised as of Nov. 7.
Connell, who has participated in several past campaigns, expected higher numbers from the student portion of the campaign.
“But, overall, this has been a great year,” said Robinson.
“Especially with the United Way Student Committee that I’m working with, Ryan and I were looking at the numbers this year for the United Way kick-off day,” she said. “They made $247 in donations and last year they made $129. The student committee really achieved quite a bit that day, which is really exciting.”
The student committee consists of 12 students who dedicated their time to raising money starting in September.
Robinson attributes the success of this year’s student campaign to the dedication, commitment and experience of the current committee.
Connell pointed out that along with the United Way Student Committee, he worked with the business foundation students and the human service foundations program to put together fundraisers.
He said he gives credit to students in the programs for really stepping up the creativity and bringing plenty of energy.
“Students don’t always have a lot of money and many are struggling,” he said. “So for those who can give, it’s just been incredible how thoughtful and generous they have been.”