June 12, 2024

With the sounds of cheers and disappointed groans from participants wielding controllers and steering wheels, the Sanctuary at Doon campus was transformed into a video gamer’s fantasy on Nov. 20.
Although there was no Call of Duty or Halo, students could walk into the Sanctuary and sit at any screen they wanted to satisfy their video game craving.
On the stage they could play Forza Motorsport Racing against five other players in chairs with built-in speakers for the realistic sounds of the track. In front of the stage players could face off in volleyball, boxing or table tennis, one-on-one or in teams, against other players through the Xbox Kinect. Finally, in the centre of the room were six screens set up with a variety of sports video games such as FIFA 2013 and NHL 2013.
The event was organized by Conestoga Students Inc. (CSI), with the games and consoles provided by We Got Game!, a company that travels to colleges all around Canada setting up video game days.
“We just bring the entertainment of gaming so students can play amongst each other,” said We Got Game! employee, Dave Miller. “A lot of students do this to kind of relieve some stress.”
CSI’s events co-ordinator, Becky Saba, said she found We Got Game! at a convention that she attended and she chose to bring them to Conestoga because the college’s biggest club is for video-game players.
“I’m personally not a gamer at all, but I played those racing games and it was so much fun,” Saba said.
“I knew we had a big gamers’ club and I knew that not only would it make our gamers happy, but it would also be good for students who maybe aren’t so into gaming but still want to have a good time.”
Also, according to Saba, the Den (the upper level of the Sanctuary) has private rooms with televisions and game consoles, where students can go to relax and watch movies or play video games at any time.
The bar opened shortly after the gaming got started, so the students could enjoy a beer or two while playing their game of choice.
“Tuesdays are like our fun day,” said Saba.