April 22, 2024


Frost Week is the time of year to welcome new and old students back with some laughs, drinks and free food. It is the winter counterpart of Frosh Week.

Conestoga Students Inc. held the event from Jan. 14 to. 17 to ease everyone back into the swing of things.

The week kicked off with a movie marathon in the Sanctuary on Jan. 14 which showcased comedy classics such as Happy Gilmore and Dude, Where’s My Car?

Students who stuck around long enough were able to enter a raffle for a movie prize package. It included tickets for free food.

Jan. 15 was the clear highlight of the week as the Sanctuary was packed with students to watch the Comedy Nooner. The free stand-up comedy show had the crowd laughing at everything from “comedy guardian angels” to “rivers of vomit on a Gravitron.” There were also the occasional jokes about the male anatomy. All seemed to be crowd pleasers.

All three comedians have performed at either Yuk Yuks, Just for Laughs, or both, as well as other venues. Karen O’Keefe hosted the show, giving the other comedians, Dom Pare and Eddie Della Siepe, brief introductions as well as performing her own stand-up routine.

Della Siepe was a last-minute addition as Graham Chittenden was originally supposed to perform, but had to cancel due to a job offer from MTV.

Kevin Bennett, of Kitchener, came to the school with his friend just to see the show.

“It was awesome. It’s nice to see some good comedians. None of them bombed,” Bennett said.

The Sanctuary was selling their in-house beer, which helped loosen up the crowd in the latter part of the show. Some students became jokes themselves as the comedians made their witty remarks, but it was all in good fun.

Becky Saba, program and communications co-ordinator for CSI, said the Comedy Nooner was a huge hit.

“The comedians went for an extra 30 minutes. They said they were feeling a great energy from the crowd and just kept going,” Saba said.

To give exposure to the Den, CSI held a raffle for an X-Box 360 there on Jan. 16. Saba said the students need to be made aware that the Den is a great place to hang out in.

On Jan. 17 CSI’s free pancake breakfast was held in the Sanctuary, which seemed to attract even more people than ever. There were lineups for hours and they managed to dish out several large serving trays of pancakes before calling it quits.

Saba said the week went really well and that she thought everyone enjoyed themselves.

“It was a great week,” Saba said, adding CSI has more events planned in the coming weeks. “We have stuff planned every Tuesday in the Sanctuary for people to check out.”