April 24, 2024


The sounds of sniffling fill the hallways at Conestoga College.

Getting sick at this time of year isn’t unusual but with all the benefits that come with the Student Health Plan, you would think more of us wouldn’t be sporting Rudolph’s red nose.

Conestoga Students Inc. offers health coverage for Conestoga students under the age of 71 and who are in a full-time, fee-paying program. Most students are eligible but, like any insurance, there are restrictions. To find out more information on this you can visit the CSI Health and Wellness Centre on Doon campus, located in Room 2A100.

The benefits cover most of your medical needs including dental, prescriptions and vision care. Monica Suljovic, health plan administrator, said finding information on what your CSI health and dental plans cover is simple.

“Students can easily find information on what their benefits cover by visiting www.mystudentplan.ca, or by dropping by my office (Room 2A100) to pick up a brochure and asking me any questions that they may have,” Suljovic said.

The CSI health plan also covers supplemental health care such as massage therapy, physiotherapy and chiropractor. For students who like to take a more organic approach to medicine, naturopath is also covered.

If you’re needing some relaxation you can visit the Massage Therapy Clinic on campus for a hot stone massage. The CSI health plan covers massage therapy when it is referred by a physician. When covered by the health plan a hot stone massage costs $12 for a half hour or $18 for an hour. Regular massages range from $10 to $16 depending on length of time. Students who are not covered by the health plan or do not have a doctor’s referral can still get a massage, but the cost increases to $50 to $80 for a regular massage and $60 to $90 for a hot stone massage. Getting an appointment is easy. Book it online by going to www.conestogastudents.com and then clicking on services, massage therapy.

Another place in Conestoga you can visit for your health needs is Health Services, located in Room 1A102. They are open 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday and have an on-campus physician and a chiropractor. They also hold annual flu clinics among other things. To see the doctor, who is on campus part-time, you need to book an appointment by calling 519-748-5220, ext 3679, or visit the Health Services office.

Susan Wienecke of Health Services said you can learn about all the services they offer by visiting Conestoga’s home page, and clicking on Student Services and then Health Services. You can also follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/conestogahealth.