May 25, 2024

Lindsay Tessier


Have you ever wished you could watch your favourite movie again on the big screen? If so, now’s your chance.

Guelph’s Bookshelf cinema is giving moviegoers the chance to see fan favourites and cult classics on the big screen as part of their new movie club.

The Guelph Movie Club kicked off its inaugural meeting on Jan. 31 with a showing of Ghostbusters.

Each month, club members will choose a film and the cinema will screen it for one night only. Next in the lineup is The Big Lebowski, which plays on Feb. 21.

Much like the adage of another classic movie, Bookshelf cinema manager Peter Henderson is hoping that if you build it, they will come.

“My hope is that by providing the space and the movie, people who love movies will come out,” he said.

“We’re also hoping this will become a regular event where people come out not only to watch a movie, but to join like-minded people to talk more about the movies we love.”

The initial idea for the club came from avid moviegoer and Bookshelf customer, Danny Williamson.

Williamson said the idea for the club came out of a conversation with friends about which movies they’d love to see again in the theatre.

“From there, the club took shape pretty quickly because of the enthusiasm of The Bookshelf. They’re cool like that,” he said.

So, what does he hope to accomplish with the club?

“Two things. The first goal is to have a night once a month where people who love movies can see movies with other people who love movies. I really want it to feel like a community,” Williamson said.

He also hopes to encourage people to act on their own creative ideas.

“So many people have great ideas that they never act on because they think they’re too hard, or because they worry no one will be interested in them. Hopefully people will use this example and start something themselves.”

There are also plans to feature things like contests, speakers and trivia at the movie nights.

“That’s the great thing about having The Bookshelf involved,” said Williamson. “We have a chance to combine movies, books, music and food in a great space. Hopefully, as things go forward, we will be able to incorporate our ideas with suggestions from moviegoers to make it an evening not to be missed.”

The first two movies were selected by Henderson. But from now on the movies will be nominated by members of the club by ballot. Those nominations will be used to create a short list which will be posted on The Bookshelf Facebook page. After a week, the movie with the most votes becomes next month’s pick.

Henderson said he is curious to see if people will lean more toward Hollywood populist movies such as Ghostbusters and Indiana Jones or choose more complex art films.

“I’ve seen some emails and requests that people have put in for French art films from the ’60s or David Lynch movies like Blue Velvet,” he said.

Whichever movie is chosen, Henderson is just excited to sit back and let other people decide what they want to see.

Tickets for the Guelph Movie Club are currently only available at the door, so moviegoers are encouraged to line up early. Tickets are $8 for members and $12 for non-members.

However, a dinner and a movie reservation will get you dinner at the Greenroom and reserved seating for the night’s movie. Cost is $23 per person, $20 for members. Call 519-821-3311, ext. 155, to make a reservation.