June 15, 2024


It might not be Paris or Rome, but this year Waterloo has been named Ontario’s most romantic city, and the third most romantic city in all of Canada after North Vancouver and Victoria.

But like the Waterloo Region Record’s Luisa D’Amato, many Waterloo residents were shocked by their city’s new title.

“Waterloo comes up short on all the factors that make for romance,” said D’Amato in her Feb. 7 opinion column, “Waterloo’s romantic charms are hard to spot.”SONY DSC

“Think of those vast, chunky buildings that make up RIM Park, for example. Think of those uninspiring neighbourhoods, whether they are student ghettos around the universities or monolithic suburbs at the city’s edge,” she added.

The results, however, were not based on Waterloo’s architecture, but on a list compiled by Amazon.ca, which compared sales data from romance novels, relationship books, romantic comedy DVDs and a collection of romantic music CDs.

Yet despite its cold exterior, Waterloo holds some unique locations that are worthy of being called “romantic.”

“I am from Ottawa, and compared to Waterloo, I find Ottawa more romantic because of the canal, but there are elements to Waterloo that are nice, too,” said new Waterloo resident, Joshua Zentner-Barrett, who added that he recently took his girlfriend for a romantic dinner at King Street Trio.

And going out to dinner is always a popular idea, whether it be for a first date or for a 25th wedding anniversary.

“We like to check out new sushi restaurants throughout the city,” said Waterloo couple Tim and Theresa Henhoeffer.

Conestoga College student and Waterloo resident, Myroslav Yurchyk, suggested Symposium as a restaurant to take someone for a romantic dinner.

Urbanspoon.com is a great website that can help you choose the perfect restaurant.

Making a romantic dinner at home is also an option. Waterloo is home to the St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market where you can shop for fresh food year-round.

During the winter months, skating at Waterloo Town Square’s ice rink or taking a walk through Waterloo Park in December to check out the Wonders of Winter are also romantic activities that couples can do.

Waterloo Park is also a popular location for romantic picnics throughout the summer.

Along with Waterloo’s countless restaurants, the city also has great date venues like the Princess Cinemas and the Jazz Room, which Waterloo couple Jay Carnahan and Rebekah Rempel frequent.

In D’Amato’s article, she asked her readers to suggest their favourite romantic places in Waterloo.

Ideas included walking the trails along the Grand River and having a picnic at Laurel Creek Conservation Area.