May 30, 2024


It’s time to wipe away those winter blues and those extra winter pounds.

According to, an official partner of the Livestrong Foundation that raises money for cancer, the main reasons people gain weight in the winter are decreased physical activity, a greater number of empty calories and a condition known as seasonal affective disorder.

The website offers all kinds of food, fitness, health and weight loss tips, as well as a cold and flu centre and calorie tracker.

Naturally, most people become more active in the spring and summer because the weather is nicer. A great way to start being more active is by walking.

Jason Belmore, a personal trainer at a Kitchener gym, said walking around four kilometres, on average, will help you lose up to 250 calories.

“Walking is a great way to lose excess weight,” Belmore said, “It can get boring so a great way to keep things interesting is by changing your route, going with a friend or taking your dog.”

Another way to help lose your winter weight is by staying hydrated.

“A lot of people don’t drink enough in the winter, and because of that your body retains the weight,” Belmore said.

“Once you start drinking the proper amount of water, you’ll find that your weight drops a lot.”

You can also drop a dress size by changing up the foods you eat. Choose ones that will motivate you, for instance, your favourite healthy foods, but make sure to stay as healthy as possible. Instead of grabbing for that tempting bag of chips, grab for a delicious, crisp apple.

Becky Allner, a third-year financial planning student at Conestoga College, said she tries to eat healthier.

“I guess what I do is eat more fruits and vegetables. I don’t really walk anywhere … but I try to eat the good stuff rather than the bad,” she said.