June 15, 2024


To describe Spring Breakers in one word would be next to impossible, but the one that comes closest would be bizarre.INTERNET PHOTO    Spring Breakers deserves its 18A rating.

The crime thriller is supposed to follow the story of four college girls who rob a restaurant to get enough money to fund a spring break trip; they then end up in jail only to be bailed out by rapper, and drug dealer, Alien (James Franco), who they have never even met.

The four girls are played by Selena Gomez (Faith), Ashley Benson (Brit), Vanessa Hudgens (Candy), and Rachel Korine (Cotty).

The movie starts out with a typical spring break party scene, featuring lots of alcohol, girls and guys nearly naked, and then actually naked, jumping and dancing on a beach. This scene or others like it is then repeated multiple times throughout the film.

Repetition seems to be a theme in this movie as you see scenes and dialogues repeated almost at random. The visual of a spring break party is paired with audio from a phone conversation between the girls and their parents, then 15 minutes later the actual phone conversation is shown on screen with the audio included. This made the movie hard to follow at times as you didn’t know what happened when.

The choice to use such well known Disney and Disney-like actors in such a coarse film will definitely bring in an audience who otherwise might have avoided this movie, but do not be mistaken, Spring Breakers definitely deserves the 18A rating it received in Canada. The amount of nudity alone should put this movie on the restricted list, not to mention the blatant use of hard drugs and excessive violence.

Just when the movie starts to get into what little plot it does have, Alien deciding he likes the girls and wants them to do a little dirty work for him, Faith decides it’s all too much and she goes home, leaving some to wonder why this character was even included in the film. Cotty is next to leave after an accident in a gun fight leaves her scarred and scared for her life. This leaves only Candy and Brit who stick it out right until the end of the movie.

The ending leaves you wondering if spring break really does get that crazy, and also confused as to how these girls are going to go back to living a normal life after what they’ve just been through.

Overall this movie wasn’t terrible, it was artsy and strange while also being crude and confusing. If nothing else, Spring Breakers  definitely makes you think, it’s not just another mindless teen comedy.

I give this film three stars out of five.