July 15, 2024

Are you new to Conestoga College, a returning student still trying to find the perfect spot to hang out before class, or just looking for a nice convenient spot to relax, breathe and take in the college experience? Look no further, Spoke has the latest and greatest hangouts around the school.
The first spot Conestoga offers is truly the heart of the school. It can be seen from the Tim Hortons line, CSI, and even when walking in from the bus. It is the stadium-style seating area located on the first floor of the A-wing. Because of its carpeted seating, projector, the colourful mural painted on the wall, and as the location where most student meetings are held, this truly is the place for any first-year student to visit.
Why relax on the big stairs? Annie Binicki, a first-year early childhood education student, said, “I’ve been coming here since the first day of school with my friends. It has a nice environment and it’s quiet.”
A second spot at the college is Conestoga Student Inc’s Sanctuary, located on the second floor in the A-wing.
The Sanctuary is a magical place where entertainment and food combine. The entertainment comes from the huge stage where students play music, perform stand-up comedy and watch movies. The food comes from the little cafeteria within the Sanctuary. The café sells pizza from Pizza Pizza, homemade burgers, wraps, salads and enough coffee to keep students awake for their next class.
So why visit the Sanctuary? Lucas Mason, a first-year fitness and health promotion student, said, “I like that it is cool, I mean the temperature though. It really has everything from food to entertainment and they even sell alcohol on Tuesdays and Thursdays.”
The third spot is truly a hidden gem that every student and gamer should know about. It’s called the Den and it’s located just above the Sanctuary. The Den is every gamer’s dream, as it is a place where playing video games during school hours isn’t only accepted, but encouraged. The Den rents out every gaming system too, including Xbox, Ps3 and the Nintendo Wii. Don’t like those systems? Don’t worry, bringing systems from home is welcomed. Inside the Den, leather sofas, flat screen televisions and Conestoga’s fastest Internet connection can be found.
Still wondering why you would visit the Den? Jacob Belanger, a first-year police foundations student, said, “I’m a gamer. I need the background noise and the Den has that. It just has this homey feel to it as well. Me and my friends come here all the time. I think first-year students should come here because you meet people, get the pulse of the school and there is a balcony that gives an overview of the Sanctuary so you know what is going on.”
One more spot Conestoga offers really is the pièce de résistance. The nursing lounge is located in the F-wing and, contrary to popular belief, it’s not just for nursing students. So don’t be afraid to pop by, say hello and sit down on the most comfortable couches Conestoga has to offer.