April 24, 2024


There is a lack of ladies at Conestoga College’s Cambridge campus, and many male students don’t like it.
The believed cause of this issue is, “the lack of female-directed programs,” said Barry Vlasmin, a third-year civil environmental engineering technology student.
A dozen male students were asked if they have noticed a radical male to female ratio and all responded with a very strong yes. Third-year architecture construction engineering technology student, Josh Marques, said, “it’s kind of sad really, everywhere you look it’s just dudes … it’s definitely a huge downside to being on this campus.”
A few students, who referred to the campus as an “all boys school,” said that there are some advantages to it. When asked if the lack of ladies improved their studies the majority felt it had a positive effect. Third-year civil environmental engineering technology student, Josh Xiong, said, “it’s less distracting.” Aside from school studies, Marques also noted, “it definitely makes picking out clothes in the morning easy because you know there’s no one to impress.”
Two students had a different point of view, arguing that, “guys are lazy … if we had some more girls they would probably make us do more stuff,” and, “maybe it would make me more excited to come to school.”
“I don’t really feel like I’m getting the true college experience, I find myself thinking how much I miss high school,” said Joey Sack, a second-year architecture construction engineering technology student.
All the male students interviewed came up with the same solution to this ongoing issue. “Bring over nursing.”
Vlasmin jokingly said, “Maybe if they brought in nursing, the Doon campus boys would be crawling over here.” He also suggested Conestoga Students Inc. hold some events at the Cambridge campus to entice female students to come there.