June 6, 2023

Bruce McClure is a registered home inspector, and has been for 15 years. He’s also been the co-ordinator for the home inspection program at Conestoga College for the past 10 years. And he has been the national president of home inspectors in Canada. His passion, however, is one crudely portrayed by TV programs and misunderstood by much of the public, injustices which prompted him to write a book that exposes the hidden truths of the industry.
“I started to joke about it four years ago,” McClure says. “But last fall, after hearing about the government making regulations about what makes a home inspector qualified and going to a TV personality for advice, I went straight home, sat down, and that’s what I’ve done for the last 10 months.”
McClure is a driven man, and you can gather that from the way he carries himself. A man of average height with slightly greying hair and stark blue eyes, he fidgeted in his chair as if it pained him to stay still. His demeanour is of one used to dealing with people; an inviting smile and a smooth tone force you to relax and speak leisurely, knowing there is no intimidation.
He spoke about his book, entitled Buy or Run, with great excitement and justified confidence. McClure said buyers don’t know enough about what really happens in the home selling and buying process, so he intends to educate people from a home inspector’s point of view.
“People have pre-conceived ideas,” McClure said. “They think that what they see on TV is what a real home inspection is, but it’s not.”
Buy or Run, published Oct. 23, deals with popular misconceptions about the home inspection business; misinformation delivered by TV programs, and perpetuated by those who call themselves home inspectors without actually knowing what an inspection entails.
“You could go to Staples tonight, print a business card, and tomorrow you’re a home inspector,” McClure said.
His book also explores some of the shady tactics that realtors, as well as home inspectors, will use in order to make the sale. Oftentimes realtors will have a particular home inspector in their pocket and will blacklist inspectors who refuse to turn a blind eye to blatant flaws, making for unhappy home owners.
“What a lot of people don’t understand is that when it comes to picking a home inspector, it’s the realtor that picks the home inspector,” McClure said. “Most times the realtor is going to favour a home inspector who isn’t going to say anything, who’s going to turn a blind eye to things.
McClure practically glowed with energy as he spoke of the prestigious names who have proofread his coup de grace, yet, despite his obvious elation, his demeanour remained humble. He stressed again the educational purposes of Buy or Run as opposed to any fame or recognition it would bring him.
“The book was proofread by an ex-president of the American Association of Home Inspectors, the current president of the Canadian association and the Ontario association,” McClure said, grinning as he did so. “The book is being promoted heavily through the U.S. and Canada.
“It’s not a case of writing a book to say I wrote a book. It’s to make the public aware.”
Buy or Run will be available in both eBook and print formats. For more information on Bruce McClure and his book, you can visit www.brucemcclurerhi.com/.