June 15, 2024

In terms of races to the playoffs, Major League Baseball has nothing on OCAA women’s soccer. Only one win separated the first place team from the sixth place team in the east division on the final day.
The Condors finished the season in fourth place in the OCAA’s east division and made the playoffs. Conestoga had the chance to finish in first place if they beat Humber in their final game on Oct. 5, but settled for a draw, putting Humber in first place instead. The cornerstone of their success this year was their defence; they ranked seventh in the OCAA with just eight goals allowed in eight games.
“It’s always been that way,” said assistant coach Kerri Lantz. “The team always has a really good defence. We also had great goaltending this year.”
Head coach Aldo Krajcar thinks the team had it in them to make second, but simply fell short of their potential in the last game versus Humber. “We are happy but not impressed, we could have won second with a little more focus,” he said.
They had plenty of chances to pull out more victories this year but settled for a lot of draws, the most in the OCAA with three. The team had difficulty scoring goals, racking up just 12 over their eight regular season games. Krajcar said this is not an unusual outcome, when the team has 17 rookies on a team with 22 roster spots.
“I think the reason we had a lot of draws this year was we didn’t score enough goals. The reason we didn’t score too many goals (is) because we have a lot of rookies playing midfield or forward.”
The playoffs got underway on Oct. 12, with four qualifying round games being played across Ontario. Conestoga drew Mohawk College and lost the game in overtime by a score of 1-0.