September 25, 2022

80s disco


It was a disappointing turnout for Conestoga Students Inc.’s Thursday Night Disco Pub held on Oct. 3, proving that disco is dead.
The lights were dimmed, the coloured dance floor lit up squares to the beat of the ’80s soundtrack and Saturday Night Fever was playing on a screen in the background.
However, at 9:30 p.m. there were only five people in the Sanctuary, all of them CSI board of directors. As the night wore on two other people – Wesley Hardy and Ethan Wynsma – walked in and everyone cheered as they approached the dance floor and danced.
At 10 p.m. CSI programming co-ordinator Becky Saba decided to shorten the night by one hour, ending it at 11 p.m. instead of midnight.
“Nobody has shown up yet for disco night,” said Daniel Hickey, a first-year health and fitness student, who was taking tickets at the door.
“It was supposed to be awesome. We have a light- up dance floor, a great DJ, drinks. I don’t know how you could go wrong with that combination, but I am pretty disappointed right now. I am hoping that a bunch of people are just pre-drinking at residence.”
At 10:30 p.m. a group of people came and everyone cheered, but they left shortly after they arrived for unknown reasons. Despite this the few in attendance had a good time.
“The ’80s night was very enjoyable, and the music was enjoyable and groovy,” said Wynsma, a first-year IT innovation and design, student.
“Also, the dance floor was awesome.”