May 30, 2023


At Conestoga, fashion statements are simple, but stand out. With fall layers arriving and summer shorts being tucked away, Spoke made it its duty to find the most bold and stylish students and get their take on what’s going to put the shivers down our spines this season.
For some, fall fashion is the best time to dress up and stand out. So why not take fashion advice from Jessica Pearcy, Anastasia Dao and Rogaid Elgadi, three of Conestoga’s most stylish students?
When Spoke first met up with Pearcy, a first-year business administration student, she was wearing a beautiful, carnation-pink cardigan, charcoal cigarette leg pants with accent buttons, a black top and a pair of matching black flats. Around her shoulder hung a light brown purse with gold studs; around her neck was a charming sterling silver butterfly necklace. What really brought the outfit together was the one accessory she had that money cannot buy, the dimples that appeared when she smiled.
This season Pearcy predicts knit sweaters and gold accessories will be must-have items. She would love to see people wearing browns, beiges and reds in big comfy sweaters, with long necklaces and plenty of bangles.  When asked what this fashionista’s favourite fall trend is, Pearcy said, “Brown knee-high boots.”
When thinking of Anastasia Dao, a first-year business administration student, only one phrase comes to mind, “all black everything,” and that is exactly what her outfit screamed during her interview. She was wearing an elegant black dress, paired with a matching black overcoat and black flats with gold studs around the heels. Her arm held a sleek black leather purse. Her wrist gave the outfit a splash of colour thanks to a gold, diamond-faced watch. And who could forget her midnight-blue eyeshadow taking a daring leap away from this season’s typical brassy colour scheme.
Fall trends to Dao are all about being comfy and making a statement with bold colours, oversized pieces and big, chunky accessories that say, “I’m here.”  Dao likes neutral colours, but loves seeing the bold colours of autumn on others. Brands aren’t important to her either. Just wear what you have and make it work. The one thing she will recommend to Conestoga students this year is, “ALL BIG EVERYTHING.” Don’t be afraid to wear oversized clothing. Fall is the time for being comfy. As a fashionista, Dao said, “My favourite trend is comfy, cozy, oversized sweaters. Nothing like feeling at home while on the go.”
What can we say about Rogaid Elgadi, a first-year general arts and science student, other than his swagger is on another planet, orbiting his hair. Elgadi is in a land all of his own when it comes to style, bringing back a very vintage look with his 1960s afro, right down to wearing an antique vest. But it doesn’t stop there. His look brings back high socks and oversized, long-sleeved shirts, giving those into fashion something to consider. What really makes Elgadi’s style stand out is his single gold tooth. The fashion gods truly blessed him with a little something extra, and we thank them for that.
Elgadi predicts this fall browns and darker colours will be worn in new ways that we haven’t seen before.  He would love to see people wearing what makes them feel comfortable and confident, because that’s what fashion is all about: self expression. With that being said, he wants to see some creativity too, with people thinking outside of the box. Relax on the accessories though, too much of something isn’t always a good thing.
What is this fashionista’s favourite fall trend? Elgadi said, “It would have to be the faux furs. You’ll see those being worn by yours truly.”
So, grab your oversized sweater and make a statement. Fall is about experimenting not only with colour, but with your own personal sense of style too.