May 30, 2023

There were polka renditions of songs such as Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing, there was beer and there were a bunch of green hats at the Fest Hall Nooner that took place in the Sanctuary on Oct. 17.
Plenty of people showed up and got themselves a drink and a free hat while taking in the polka band The Ziffles, cover versions of various hits.
Randy Dicknoether, a Conestoga first-year electronics engineering technician student, was one of four band members.
Rosiel Tang, a third-year marketing student, observed some of the people stopping by the Sanctuary and noted there were a lot of visitors.
“Yeah, a lot (of people) excited about the hats,” Tang said.
She said her personal favourite part of the Fest Hall Nooner was the dancing.
“The chicken dancing, always,” Tang said smiling.
Jessica Gaeca, also a third-year marketing student, said her favourite part was the music, which the rest of the people in the Sanctuary seemed to be enjoying too.
“The music is really good,” Gaeca said excitedly.
The person handing out hats during all of this was Nathan Shinkar. He works for DrinkSmart Inc. and the hats had a DrinkSmart pin on them.
Shinkar said the turnout was great and explained DrinkSmart’s message.
“We’re not saying don’t drink. We’re just saying drink responsibly, have a good time. Maybe just cut back on those last few drinks. If you drink responsibly you actually have a better time, save yourself a little bit of money and save yourself those embarrassing stories.”
He added there is a contest to give away $1,000 toward tuition at
The draw for the tuition prize is on Nov. 14.