June 2, 2023


“Their” or “there?” “Its” or “it’s?”
Grammar can be confusing at times and often frustrating for students. To help, Conestoga’s Learning Commons held a Grammar Day.
The event took place on Oct. 18 in the hallway across from Tim Hortons.
Students and faculty had the chance to participate in some small grammar quizzes where they were tested on such things as their spelling and punctuation.
“Grammar Day is a chance to have fun with words, because often people are overwhelmed by the notion of grammar,” said Lynn Gresham, the co-ordinator of the writing service at the college.
After taking the quizzes, participants were able to enter ballots into a draw for the chance to win Tim Hortons’ coupons. Everyone who filled out a quiz was also given a chocolate for participating.
Grammar Day takes place at the school twice a year. Last year was the first year for the event, and it was so successful it was made a biannual event.
“It was very successful (last year),” Gresham said. “We were surprised by how successful it was. We thought we would just have a small event and we were swamped, which was just fabulous. We were rushing around making ballots at the last minute because we didn’t have enough. It was great fun.”
Grammar Day will take place again in the winter term.
In the meantime, students are encouraged to take advantage of the Learning Commons. The department offers free academic assistance in math, writing, peer skills and other learning skills.
The Learning Commons is located near Tim Hortons. It is open Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. from September to April.