July 15, 2024


A Conestoga student, who parked in another lot after finding his lot full, is he upset because he was ticketed.
John Hsu, a first-year business administration supply chain and operations management student, sent an email to Spoke on Sept. 24 complaining how he received a ticket for parking in Lot 11, the daily parking lot, that same day.
Hsu had purchased an annual parking pass for $462, which allows him to park in lots 12, 13 and 14.
“I have a schedule with most of my classes in the middle of the morning, three days at 10 a.m., one class at 11 a.m. and one in the afternoon,” Hsu said. “For students like me, it’s extremely difficult to find a parking spot because it’s packed already.
“If you observe the parking lot during the middle of the morning, you can find students driving around in circles, crossing their fingers and hoping they can hit the jackpot.”
The problem seems to affect some lots more than others.
“I haven’t encountered that problem myself. I’ve been able to find a spot,” said Cam Lavack, a part-time business software applications instructor, who parks in Lot 1. “(However,) I was here today at about quarter to 10 and the lot was pretty full.”
Hsu has since emailed Spoke again saying he was told by Security and Parking Services that “after a few more weeks the parking situation will improve, and it’s actually better now.”
Attempts to contact Security and Parking Services for information on the parking regulations and how they plan on improving the parking situation in person and through email were unsuccessful. However, Conestoga College does have its official parking regulations available on its website, one of which is “no vehicle shall be parked on campus other than in a prescribed parking lot.”
For other regulations, visit conestogac.on.ca/security-services/regulation.pdf.