May 25, 2024


IMG_4284It has “the texture of cotton candy and the taste of snow.” – USA TODAY

“Instead of being lazily scooped into a sundae, or carefully extruded into a cone, this extreme confection flies into bowls at 500 rpm. The process gives the shavings the consistency of cotton candy.” – Wired Magazine

Scott Colwell, a Waterloo native and the founder of Chilly Ribbons, conceptualized his own version of “shaved snow” after trying something similar three years ago in Chicago.

Colwell thought that, “with a little bit more work, this could be the next big thing.”

“Shaved snow” dates back over 2,000 years to Roman Emperor Nero. He had slaves collect snow from nearby mountains, to be topped with fresh fruits and honey as a chilling royal treat.

This divine dessert is now on its way to becoming a global franchise.

“The goal is to have 500 locations worldwide within five years,” Colwell said.

“I’d like everyone to be able to experience this high-end ice cream.”

He has been receiving nothing but positive reviews about his “cool” new product. However, he recently had quite a scare when Chilly Ribbons was featured in an online article on titled, “What Not to Eat at the CNE.”

When he heard the news his heart sank, wondering why it had been hexed.

Scrolling madly through the web page, Colwell found his product at the bottom of the list.

“This was a last-minute decision that we were so, so glad we made,” read the first line.

Natalie Zuna Walschots, writer of the critique, wanted to end with a positive experience and chose Colwell’s business to do so.

“Chilly Ribbons calls its frozen treat ‘shaved snow’ to differentiate it from a lot of other ice-cream alternatives, and different it is. The shaved snow falls in feathery layers that melt instantly in the mouth,” she wrote.

Chilly Ribbons features over 40 fabulous flavours, all less than 100 calories.

One of their most popular is coconut.

All of the fruit-infused choices are flavoured by real fruit purees.

Aside from the product itself, the creamery’s appearance has a contemporary chalet feel to it.

Colwell wanted his guests to enjoy their “cool” treat in the comfort of a warm lodge.

Rich mahogany wood lines the inner walls, where a heated, faux-fireplace is nestled into the centre of the panelling.

He even designed mobile chalets for amusement park and attraction purposes. They puff smoke from a chimney and shed snow from a rooftop, attracting a crowd of all ages.

“He’s selling more than just a cold treat, he’s selling an experience,” said customer Trevor Kearns.

If you stop by Chilly Ribbons, located at 170 University Ave. W. in Waterloo, anytime from Nov. 11 to 15 with a friend and say “SPOKE” prior to your purchase, you can get two frozen desserts for the price of one.