July 15, 2024


Conestoga students at the Waterloo campus got to play Canada’s greatest game on Nov. 5, but they didn’t lace up skates or put on pads.
Conestoga Students Inc. (CSI) set up two tabletop hockey games in the Waterloo campus’s B-wing in order to give students a break in between classes and also win gift cards from Future Shop, Tim Hortons and Chapters.
Students stopped to try their luck against their fellow classmates in games that crowned the first one to score three goals as the winner.
Two students who stopped to play a quick game of pick up were first-year electrical engineering technician student Holly Carson and first-year tourism management student Jusem Adams. “It’s a good way to get everyone together to play something that’s distinctly Canadian,” Carson said.
“Tabletop hockey is a classic game that a lot of Canadians, guys and girls, play growing up. It’s a lot of fun and we can get some people out to relive their childhood a little bit,” said Joseph Hefford, CSI communications co-ordinator for the Waterloo campus who was overseeing the event.
When asked what the goal of the event was Hefford said, “It is just to have fun with the students, maybe make a little better environment around here and make the place a little more happening.”
Hefford said the next big event being held at the Waterloo campus was a football toss marathon tomorrow.