May 25, 2024

A few aspiring Conestoga College golfers got their chance to shoot for a hole-in-one on Oct. 22. The only thing is that this wasn’t a full golf course but a three-hole mini-putt course.
Conestoga Student Inc. set up the course in the B-wing of the school, which featured one short hole, one slightly longer hole and one sloped hole that everyone had trouble with.
First-year renovation technician student Stewart Johnston said he enjoyed his time playing some miniature golf.
“I thought it was interesting, it’s a good way to raise some morale in the community.”
“It’s all in the hips,” said Derek Sloos a first-year construction techniques (carpentry) student. When asked which hole was the hardest he said, “The sloped one was tricky. But on the second one the green was a bit rough so you had to deal with more obstacles, but the sloped one was a tough go.”
CSI’s Waterloo campus coordinator Joseph Hefford explained why they held the mini-putt game.
“It’s just a fun activity for the students. The students are really interacting. It’s something nice to do while you’re walking down the hall and it’s fun.”
Hefford also said CSI would consider doing another one on a larger scale.
“I’m always looking for bigger and better ideas. This is an improvement on my idea from last year. It’s always improving and getting better for the students.”