January 29, 2023


On Halloween night, students and others decked out in their Hallows’ Eve best came out to the Sanctuary to see some ghosts and ghouls, and have some good times.
The event, put on and hosted by Conestoga Students Inc., ran from 9 p.m. to about 1 a.m., and in that time more than 200 people braved the rain and wore their costumes to the school to get the party kicked into full gear. The night featured a DJ alongside an ornate, mounted skull on a pedestal in front of him, decorations all around the room and lighting to set the spooky tone.
Students and guests alike were impressed with the scale and feel of the party, and some of the costumes present were really fantastic. A zombie sporting sunglasses, witches, and a full-body moss-man costume were just some of the many in the Sanctuary that night.
Eathan Knight, a guest, showed his enthusiasm for the event by urging others to come out, and by giving it an earnest thumbs up.
“Conestoga’s Halloween party is the only one to be at tonight,” Knight said. “It’s a great time.”
Second-year woodworking technology student Alex Montebello said he didn’t expect the Sanctuary to be so lively, but was glad to have been proven wrong.
“These things (CSI) puts on don’t always go so well, but I’ve got to say that this is a good night,” Montebello said. “It’s really cool that so many people came out.”