July 15, 2024

Aries: Someone close to you is frustrated but doesn’t know how to tell you. Try to keep your options open.
This weekend: Prestige.

Taurus: You’ll bounce back from the funk you’ve been in recently, but only if you stay positive. Information will come from an unlikely source.
This weekend: Good intentions…

Gemini: Things finally start to look up as you finish some things that have been bothering you recently. Don’t miss an opportunity to stop and smell the roses.
This weekend: Simplicity.

Cancer: You may be crowding someone; back off and give them some space. Your intentions are good, but you aren’t helping things.
This weekend: Letting loose.

Leo: A recent pain will pass. You don’t have to look far to see the windfall heading your way, but remain grateful nonetheless.
This weekend: Peace.

Virgo: A project you’re working on will go off the rails unless you take a moment to consider the possibilities. Family remains important in the near future.
This weekend: Reflection.

Libra: The crowd will seem appealing in the near future, consider why and then decide to stay or go.
This weekend: Flow.

Scorpio: Temptation will present itself in the form of a purchase. Spare time will prove to have a number of uses.
This weekend: Decisions.

Sagittarius: A night out with friends could prove to be just what you needed after so much work.
This weekend: Money.

Capricorn: You may find yourself the centre of attention, for good or bad.
This weekend: Social.

Aquarius: Acting as a wall for a friend will pay dividends. Stand firm.
This weekend: Trust.

Pisces: A small mystery may be solved by you, a puzzle will come together.
This weekend: Detective.