July 15, 2024

Clarke,RandipromoBY RANDI CLARKE

Have you ever stood in the Tim Hortons’ lineup during the lunch time rush hour? Or stood in the line during your breaks? Before school? Or even after school?

If so, you probably noticed the same thing I did. It gets extremely busy. The lineup is out the doors and wraps around the side of the building. It gets so busy that I actually check the Timmy Cam on Conestoga College’s website before I even head over there.

In fact, the only time I don’t find the lineup to be too busy is at 5 p.m. and by that point most of us are home and don’t really care about the Timmies’ lineup at the school.

I know I get frustrated, especially when I’m wait- ing in that busy line and all I want to order is an Ice Cap, unlike some people who order two coffees and a couple of sandwiches. It’s in situations like this that I think there should be another Tim Hortons inside the school.

It could be on level one by the cafeteria. I understand that this would cost the school money, but just think about the profit that could be made by having another Tim Hortons

I know some of you don’t actually like their products, but their prices are much more reasonable than Starbucks. It is more afford- able for students and faculty to buy a large double double than a venti pumpkin spice latte.

The new Timmies could be an “express Timmies.” It would only sell coffees, Ice Caps and doughnuts. If you want a bagel or a sandwich, all you’d have to do is go upstairs.

Having an express Timmies would cut down on everyone’s wait time at both locations.

The express Timmies would be small, kind of like those mobile trailers they use to serve customers while the actual store is being renovated. They could even hire students who need a part- time job. If they can’t find enough students, they could use some of the employees from the one upstairs.

I love Tim Hortons but just wish I could get my Ice Cap in a reasonable time.