February 22, 2024


Dildos, sex and even a hint of bestiality were all common subjects during Tony Lee’s X-rated hypnotist show on Nov. 14.
Originally planned to start at 9:30 p.m., Lee did not take the stage until 10 p.m. after some hecklers in the crowd were yelling to start the show.

Lee wasted no time telling sex jokes, first taking a shot at students who were still in school after four or five years by saying they were creepy and hitting on all the first years. Next Lee relaxed the crowd, telling them to close their eyes and put their two fingers together. Those he convinced that their fingers were stuck together were brought up on stage as his volunteers for the evening.

Lee made them pretend they were driving a car, as he would raise his voice then lower it and say the iconic “Friday the 13th” Ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma.

“Now you find out that you are in Jurassic Park and a Tyrannosaurus rex is chasing you!” Lee screamed.
The volunteers all jumped and pretended they were driving erratically until Lee’s voice pierced the air again.
“Now, you’re home stoned and watching Jurassic Park at home. But then you switch the channel to porn. XXX rated porn,” Lee said.
Most of the volunteers were masturbating as Lee was laughing and describing the sex acts that were on the TV. Loud moans from the participants could be heard all the way in the back row.

The final act was painful and gut wrenching to watch as Lee asked for the three toughest men in the audience to come up on stage. Once they were hypnotized he asked them to cup their crotch and protect their genitals. Lee asked the women on stage to line up and snap kick one of the three guys on stage in the crotch as hard as they could. To make matters worse Lee would egg the girls on saying things like that guy cheated on you with another woman or that guy killed your pet to increase their anger resulting in harder kicks.
Some of the kicks were so hard you could hear it in the back row and the crowd all cringed and let out gasping noises as the kicks made contact.

“I thought the show was awesome. I’ve been to a hypnotist show before, but this one was more engaging,” said first-year woodworking student Cody Knight.

Second-year public relations student Kara Blandford said, “I thought the show was interesting, seeing friends of mine on stage making a fool out of themselves,”

“It can’t get any better than that.”