September 25, 2022

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout I’m tellin’ you why. Santa Claus is coming to town.
Actually, he has come and gone.
The K-W Santa Claus parade made its way through Waterloo and Kitchener on Nov. 16 in the morning, while the Cambridge parade took place at night.
The K-W parade featured 100 entries including 11 bands.
Kids were lined up all along the streets waiting somewhat patiently for Santa to finally arrive. Parents holding coffees eagerly waited as well.
Logan Smith, 4, said he absolutely loves the parade.
“I love it! My favourite part every year is seeing Santa and his reindeer!”
“He sits here every year and gets so excited for Santa to visit. He has his letter waiting to deliver to him,” said Laura Smith, Logan’s mom.
He wasn’t the only kid with a letter for Santa. Almost every child along the parade route had one in hand. Canada Post employees were in attendance to pick up the letters.
Kids screamed excitedly everywhere as Santa finally made his way into the downtown Kitchener area. His reindeer pulled him along (on his float of course) as he yelled out greetings. “Good to see you Matt, Merry Christmas Jenny.”
Adults were excited as well. Many called out to St. Nick themselves and recorded him on their cellphones as he passed.
The mayors of the cities of Kitchener and Waterloo and Miss Oktoberfest made a brief appearance near the beginning of the parade.
Some of the other floats in the parade included a firefighters float, a manger scene and a promotional float for 91.5 The Beat.
There were also dance crews, more than one marching band and giant inflatable balloon characters like Snoopy, Frosty and a reindeer.
Children and adults in the parade handed out candy canes and cotton candy to the eager children waiting on the sidewalks.
For those who missed him, there’s no need to fret. Santa will visit again soon as Christmas Day is only a month away.