January 25, 2022

AUDIO OPINION: Health tax for the unvaccinated in Ontario would be a step in the right direction

Another wave, another curve to be flattened for Ontario. For Premier Doug Ford and his cabinet, another lockdown is the default course of action. Just one province over, Quebec has attempted a wide range of measures to keep the number of infections down. From curfew to quarantine, the restrictions have been widespread, and have not come without their share of criticism. Most recently, a health tax is on the table … Continued

Will the holiday season bring a fifth wave of COVID-19?

Another season, another variant of COVID-19. Following the pattern of naming variants after Greek letters, Omicron brings another beacon of mystery. First reported in South Africa, this mutation of the disease is suspected to have a higher rate of transmission yet a lower rate of hospitalization. As COVID cases rise in Ontario, up to more than 1,000 as of Dec. 10, the concerns around Omicron become more prevalent. When the … Continued

Kitchener City Council denounces conversion therapy

A Kitchener city council motion denouncing conversion therapy and calling on the federal government to also ban it passed unanimously after public input at the meeting. Coun. Debbie Chapman of Ward 9 proposed the motion. A federal bill banning conversion therapy in Canada, a practice which has been denounced by scientific and medical organizations the country over, stalled in the Senate. Alongside Coun. Chapman in the virtual meeting were the … Continued

Altercation at Miltons stirs debate about accessibility issues

It was a day like any other for Justin Leckie, a resident of Waterloo Region, when he visited Miltons on the evening of Nov. 10. The incident that took place on that fateful day jump-started a flurry of discussion and debate which continues. Leckie and his service dog, Epi, had been seated in the restaurant when two men, who appeared to be employees, grabbed him and Leckie ended up on … Continued

McLennan Park’s toboggan hill fence is under review

After the instalment of a toboggan fence in 2019, friends and family have been sledding from halfway down the hill as part of the new safety measures put in place by the city. Now, there is a chance that the hill may extend to the top once again. “Staff are undertaking a review of McLennan Park,” said Niall Lobley, the Director of Parks & Cemeteries for the City of Kitchener. … Continued

FanExpo fires on all cylinders for its ‘Limited Edition’ run

Between the excitement and the fears of ‘corporatization,’ FanExpo returned to themasses Oct. 22 for three consecutive days at the TorontoConvention Centre, albeit with some restrictions along the way. The event is based out of multiple cities across North America. It serves as an outlet forcontent creators of corporate and grassroots origins, who range from Marvelto individual comic book creators. One such award-winning group by the apt name ‘Group of … Continued

‘RBG After Dark’ presents a colourful display of art and lights

The Royal Botanical Gardens hosted an ‘After Dark’ experience on Oct. 22, meshing technology and nature on the edge of their 2,400-acre property in Burlington. While it may not have the Halloween jolts of some seasonal events, it’s the timing that carries this event into the fall. “It’s a unique experience, it gives a different dimension to the park,” said Thomas Charles, a resident of Woodstock who travelled to the … Continued

New Conestoga freelance website launches to connect students to their next gig

For students needing an outlet in the realm of freelance employment, there is a new service that they can use closer to home and their potential clientele.  The new Conestoga Gigs website, spearheaded by the Conestoga Entrepreneurship Collective, is meant to be the first official support tool for those in the Conestoga community attempting to find ‘gigs’ and other types of for-hire employment in Waterloo Region.  Companies or individuals who … Continued

Blake Sansone explores his method and past in the local Waterloo rap scene

For some, the entry into the urban rap scene may as well be a matter of luck. For Blake Sansone, it was experience and tenure through decades of musicianship within the Waterloo Region. With multiple albums under his belt, he explores the method and past of his work in this video piece. Associated works include Noctis on Spotify (Blake Sansone), V.A.F on Spotify and Yung Chaser on Spotify. The song … Continued

VIDEO: The increasing problem of missing persons during COVID-19

With the winter season approaching and a fourth wave of COVID-19, the chances of a person going missing are far from negligible. Using the story of one local man who went missing in June of this year, and testimonial from an aggregate website, a story emerges of how precarious the growing problem of missing people is during the pandemic.