January 25, 2022

How to make your Christmas more affordable

Christmas gift giving has changed during the pandemic. From online shopping to in-person shopping, holiday crafts have become the new gifts of Christmas. Many groups and stores have made accommodations to encourage this change. A group called Dollarama DIY Crafts and Hacks was created on Facebook to make life easier and bring more light into the Christmas spirit during the pandemic. The group takes cheap items that are found in … Continued

Conestoga student wins first place in post-secondary category at the Backyard Homes Design Competition

From electric cars to solar panels, we are a generation that is adapting to these new eco-friendly creations. But, the future of construction will include details with far more advanced solutions and materials to demolish our carbon footprints. On Oct. 29, 2021, the City of Kitchener revealed the winners of the first Backyard Homes Design competition. The competition is designed for people of all ages to submit a blueprint of … Continued

Students struggle to complete their driver’s licences during COVID-19 pandemic

As the year comes to a close, some students are struggling with the possibility that they may not receive their full G driver’s licence before it expires. In March 2020, Drive Test centres closed for more than three months, reopening at the end of June, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The centres also had to cancel thousands of road tests, pushing them back nearly a year. In the summer of … Continued

VIDEO: New rezoning proposal leaves local residents with mixed feelings

A housing proposal to demolish a Kitchener house at 210 Heritage Dr. and replace it with multiple townhouses has riled some neighbours while others approve of it. The large property consists of a corner unit with a multiple-car garage, driveway, and a backyard bigger than the house itself.

Conestoga grad teams up with local restaurant to encourage healthy eating

When your passion is brought to life, sometimes it’s hard to look back and see how far you have come. It took a lot of work and passion, but Christie Collins finally made it happen. Collins graduated from Conestoga College in 2006 from the Food and Beverage Management Program, where she learned the basics and overall skills needed to be in the hospitality industry. As a child, Collins used to … Continued

AUDIO: COVID-19 has changed Halloween but some activities have returned

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused dramatic changes in the way people can participate in traditional events like Halloween. Instead of bouncing around the streets and knocking on doors, people have been encouraged to watch from the glossy windows in the front seats of their cars or attend a walk-through attraction while keeping six feet apart. For the first time in nearly two years, residents in Waterloo Region have been given … Continued

AUDIO: Local restaurants work to adapt to new vaccine policy

This week marks two weeks since the government unleashed a new regulation for the residents in Waterloo Region, causing some concern about how restaurants can continue to serve the public. As of Sept. 22, 2021, vaccinated and unvaccinated people are divided by certain conditions. Those who are vaccinated can dine indoors in restaurants, while unvaccinated residents must be served outside unless they are picking up for a carry out, or … Continued

Local groups create programs to deal with the tragic aftermath of residential schools

Residential schools affected many lives, and the healing continues. A Conestoga graduate is working locally to create programs that help with the healing process for survivors of the residential school system. “We have lost all of our culture, identity, voices, language, ceremonies, traditions, child rearing practices, connection with the land, our animals, laws, education system, our justice system and so on,” said Amanda Trites, the Native Criminal Court/Family Court Worker … Continued

Supporting sexual assault victims amid COVID-19 pandemic

The effects of COVID-19 have been frustrating for some, but for others it’s been agonizing and fearful, leaving them alone with the people who have hurt them the most. “Survivors are struggling with their wellness like never before,” said Jessica St. Peter, the Public Education Manager at the Sexual Assault Support Centre (SASC) located in downtown Kitchener. “Isolation, social distancing, loss of employment, disruptions in routines, and increased anxiety, all … Continued

Local realtors bring community together through film and music

What started out as a small idea, turned into something much bigger than expected in Waterloo Region all thanks to Julie D. Martin and her husband Roger. The Red-Carpet Crew, a community group formed by the couple three years ago, is determined to bring the community together through film and music. With an incredible success during their first year in 2019, screening of The Greatest Showman, the couple was shocked … Continued