March 25, 2019

Understanding substance abuse

BY TAYLOR PACE A father walks through the door of the safe injection site in Toronto pushing a stroller with a toddler inside. He is here to use. This sight initially shocks Darryl Gebien, who is there as an observer. But the shock quickly disappears when he realizes the alternative: a father dosing alone, potentially nodding off and overdosing; potentially leaving a child unattended. “What would be the alternative for … Continued

All women need to be protected

BY MATTHEW EVANGELISTA I’m not going to assume you know who Amber Rayne is because she was a porn star. Rayne was raped and beaten during shoots, was diagnosed with uterine cancer and struggled for months through chemotherapy before dying eight months ago at 31 to an accidental cocaine overdose. The comments on websites that have stories regarding her death are split between how she’s going to hell for her … Continued

Male domestic abuse not taken seriously

BY JOSH KENNEDY When a man abuses a woman, everyone tries to put a stop to it. But whenever the genders are switched and a woman abuses a man, no one cares or does anything about it. Domestic violence is seen as a female victim/male attacker crime, but this is not always the case. According to a large-scale Statistics Canada study in 2005, approximately six per cent of men are … Continued