October 21, 2018

Hold back on the beef, eat a bug

BY ROLAND FLEMING It might be time to cut back on beef and start eating bugs, according to Entomo Farms co-founder Jarrod Goldin. “I think if people are into lifestyles of health and sustainability … it’s something they should be open-minded about,” he said. Goldin, along with his brothers Darren and Ryan, started a bug farming business just over three years ago and were the first to start a farm … Continued

Tropical Paradise

BY CALLIE WRIGGLESWORTH It is hard to say what hits you first, the scents or the heat. The two seem to go hand in hand. Stunning hints of jasmine and the perfume of flowers hang in the moist air. You can taste the humidity and feel it seeping through your clothes and into your skin. A hint of rotting fruit is also in the air but it is not distasteful … Continued