February 24, 2019

Choose the best candidate

The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario has had a chaotic few months that resulted in Doug Ford being named Tory leader, and thus, becoming a candidate in the 2018 Ontario general election. Already people are showing their distaste for the former city councillor and brother of the late, infamous Rob Ford, by encouraging their fellow Ontarians to vote for “anyone but him.” Anyone but him, even though the current Liberal … Continued

CSI selects new board of director

BY MIKE STROMME Conestoga, meet the newest member of Conestoga Students Inc., Justin McLaughlin. On Nov. 19, CSI selected the first-year business administration student to serve on their board of directors for the next five months. McLaughlin was one of 12 Conestoga students vying for the position. “I am actually amazed that I am able to be in this position in my first year at this college and to be … Continued