October 23, 2018

The negative side of OHIP+

By REBECCA SOARES For many, the new OHIP + program seems to be a blessing with few downsides. However, according to pharmacists in the region, this isn’t necessarily the case. “At first glance it seems like a great idea for most people, but when you look into it, most people 24 and under are covered under their parents’ health benefits,” said Ayman Labib, pharmacist at Lang’s Medical Pharmacy. “The parents … Continued

Clown coverage must end

BY ROLAND FLEMING It’s time the media circus moved on, and the clowns went home. What started as an isolated incident in August has now spread to more than 20 states and other countries such as Canada and the UK. The media serves to inform the public about what is going on around them. In turn, this helps people to be aware and protect themselves from threats that may exist in … Continued

Take care of your pearly whites

BY TAYLOR SCHWEITZER A clean, happy mouth will give your whole body something to smile about. It has been said that regular brushing and flossing help keep the dentist’s drill away. When it comes to overall health, most people don’t stop to consider the fact that our mouths are the gateway to our body and taking care of our teeth is important to maintaining our health. Conestoga Students Inc. oversees … Continued