October 21, 2018

Agency has a giving spirit

BY MELISSA HORTON Every holiday season, heartwarming stories come out in the news about communities helping families in need. These families are struggling to make ends meet and need help in buying gifts for their loved ones. However, the need is so great that some people are overlooked. One Kitchener company has stepped in to help. Thresholds, a non-profit community mental health agency, works with mental health clients as well … Continued

Travelling home for the holidays is worthwhile

BY SHARON SAMUEL It was good to be home again. My journey back to India began on Dec. 9 when I boarded my 9:15 p.m. Emirates flight. Wow, that Boeing was a big one. I sat in my comfortable seat, leaning on the window and trying to sleep as I had a 13-hour journey ahead of me. After reaching Dubai airport I took another flight to Kuwait to meet my … Continued

Cups cause controversy

BY DEEANNA ROLLINS Since 1997 Starbucks has had a different design for their holiday cups. Last year, they had the plain red cups, which were apparently too subtlety inclusive of other religions and cultures because the cups didn’t blatantly say Merry Christmas. People were going to Starbucks and asking for “Merry F**king Christmas” on their cups in order for them to unashamedly flaunt their religion and beliefs to the world. … Continued

Tree of Hope Christmas campaign underway

BY RILEY LINSEMAN Are you someone who celebrates Christmas? Think of your daily routine every year on Christmas Day. You wake up extra early in the morning (if you were able to sleep at all), race downstairs as fast as you can to see all the presents under the tree and then, if your parents (or whoever it is you may be living with) aren’t up already, you immediately go … Continued

What does Christmas really mean?

BY JESSICA PETT Christmas is a holiday that was once both a religious holiday and a cherished, family-filled time with memories and tradition. Now it is cursed with the obsessive need to give and receive material items. A once holistic, heart-warming holiday has become commercialized. Consumers of all shapes and sizes pile into shopping malls and stores across the world to find the perfect Christmas gifts for their loved ones. … Continued

A home for the holidays

BY MARK LORENTZ It looks like Christmas morning; decorations, presents and a turkey in the oven. Yet for 10 young mothers with their newborn children, weighing heavily on their mind is the fact they are in a homeless shelter. They realize that “looks” and “feels” are two completely different things. Marillac Place, located within walking distance of Kitchener City Hall, opened its doors in 1987 as a safe haven for … Continued

Slow down and give thanks

BY MARK LORENTZ It’s the most wonderful time of year – for retailers. The holiday season is upon us and more than likely your chequing account is going to take a hit, but it doesn’t have to be a large one. Across Canada, less money is being spent on the holidays as we become conscious of our spending habits. According to a poll conducted by RBC in October, shoppers overall … Continued