October 23, 2018

BY MIKE TURCOTTE-MCCUSKER It’s no secret to anyone who lives in Waterloo Region that we have a homeless problem. You can’t avoid seeing it if you go through any of the three cores, whether it be King Street that runs through Kitchener and Waterloo, or Ainslie Street in Cambridge. However, few realize just how big a problem it is. Although recent statistics from the Region of Waterloo indicate there are … Continued

Region lacks affordable housing

BY ROLAND FLEMING Natasha Carter, who has been smoking marijuana since she was 12 and cigarettes since she was 14, can finally say she is done with them. The former Kitchener resident is now 25, which means that these substances were a part of her life for more than a decade. While fierce willpower and determination have played a part in her continuing abstinence from these substances, having her own … Continued