October 21, 2018

Internet needs censoring

BY MELISSA HORTON In today’s technology-based world, the internet has become a tool to socialize with each other in new and unique ways. However, with this new tool, comes new rules but not everybody plays by them. Recently, social media networks have come under fire for the content that some users have been posting. One of the most notable is YouTuber Logan Paul, who initiated a never-before-seen level of scrutiny … Continued

Net neutrality is necessary

BY LUCAS HUTTERI The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has officially killed net neutrality. Last month, the five-member panel voted three to two to repeal the laws enacted just two years ago that ensured a free and open Internet. The rollback of net neutrality will affect every American, but few are aware of it, or if they are, they don’t fully grasp the situation. Net neutrality is the principle and … Continued

Internet increases understanding

BY MATTHEW EVANGELISTA How would you describe yourself? Twenty years ago the definitive answer would have been to describe a collection of clothing, social circles, hobbies and beliefs. Every detail, small or large, physical or opinion, added to identity. The public persona was an accurate marker for character. This led to a massive cultural division between radically different groups. Hippies, yuppies, skinheads, punks and everyone in between, judged and were … Continued

Have we all become nerds

BY SCOTT BLINKHORN There has never been a better time to be a nerd. Gone are the days when the label could mean bullying or harassment. Now it is a label of pride for millions and elements of geek culture have even become mainstream. Only a few decades ago it was normal for someone who preferred video games to sports, or science documentaries to cartoons, to be ruthlessly picked on … Continued

E-voting makes sense

BY NICOLE NEMETH Cambridge residents may have an easier time voting than Kitchener residents during this year’s municipal election. This is because Cambridge has become the first municipality in the region to offer online voting. The Centre for e-Democracy has commissioned a project to research the impact of digital technology on electoral democracy by collecting data during the 2014 municipal election to learn how Internet voting impacts local elections. Titled the … Continued