February 23, 2019

Living off livestreaming

BY JOSH PEDERSON Imaging having a job where you wake up every day, turn on a camera, connect a microphone and broadcast yourself to an audience from around the world. You get to make your own hours and oftentimes, you don’t even have to leave your house. The job of livestreaming is quickly gaining traction as a legitimate career path and for those who are successful, monthly earnings can be … Continued

What makes a good roommate?

By Austin Wells Every new school year, many students move in with another person, often someone they’ve never met before. Sometimes these roommates turn out to be nothing like who they expected, and can create a difficult living situation for everyone involved. Some roommates are messy or unclean, some are rude, and others don’t even stay in the rooms, as one Conestoga student, second-year public relations student Josh McKee, experienced. … Continued

Minimum wage isn’t enough

BY ROBERT JANES The minimum wage increasing in Ontario from $11.25 to $11.40 per hour is great for anyone with a part-time job. However, I did not see an increase and many of you might not have either. I did not get a raise because I already make more than the minimum wage working as an assistant manager at Zumiez, and I can tell you that an extra 15 cents isn’t going to help much. In fact, an extra dollar an hour isn’t going … Continued

The trouble with roommates

BY JESSICA HAMMER Conflict among roommates is, unfortunately, an unavoidable part of growing up and living in student residence. It is often lifestyle choices that cause tempers to flare. It could be anything from hygiene, tidiness and guests to an overall difference of opinions. For the students living at the campus residence, the roommate matching system is done over the summer so roommates have time to contact each other before … Continued

CSI considering a ‘living wall’

BY BETH CROUSE In an effort to combat drab white walls and toxins in the air, a proposed “green” wall was discussed at the Nov. 24 Conestoga Students Inc. board of directors meeting. CSI board member Colin Gaudet suggested a vertical garden, or living wall, be constructed at Conestoga College’s Doon campus in an effort to turn one of the high school-like halls into something professional. The green wall would … Continued