November 18, 2018

Feeling the love this Valentine’s Day

BY JOSH PEDERSON Love is in the air. Decadent chocolates and cuddly stuffed animals line the shelves, all a sign that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. For some, Cupid’s holiday is a blessing. Those under the spell of love use this day to show their affection toward their significant others, often with small, yet thoughtful gestures. Those who aren’t so lucky to have that special someone in their lives often … Continued

Make your relationship work

BY MATT LINSEMAN Friendships are tough, but relationships are even tougher. There’s so much that one must consider before getting into a relationship including knowing what it takes to make a relationship last, understanding each other, what each of you are looking for and whether or not there’s a real spark. For some people, relationships can be difficult, so here’s some advice for those that need a little bit of … Continued