October 21, 2018

Year in review

BY TAYLOR PACE The new year has begun, putting 2017 in our rear view – a hard year to forget, but one many will happily leave behind. In the United States, President Donald Trump made it through his first year of presidency, wreaking domestic and global havoc by implementing the travel ban on Muslim countries, pulling out of the Paris Agreement, cancelling the Trans-Pacific partnership and naming Jerusalem the capital … Continued

Don’t make a resolution

BY ROBERT JANES Is it safe to assume that you have given up your New Year’s resolution yet? This year my New Year’s resolution was not to have one. Instead, I promised myself I would make small changes every day to better myself. After all, the calendar can’t tell me when I need to change. The first of January marks the beginning of a new year and a day to … Continued

73% of people break their resolutions

By DEEANNA ROLLINS It is now halfway through January and New Year’s has come and gone. Champagne glasses were clinked, countdowns were shouted and resolutions were made. The top five resolutions in Canada are: live a healthier lifestyle (including eating healthier and working on fitness), focus on the positives, spend more time with family and friends, be true to one’s self and learn something new. These may be the top … Continued

Resolving your resolutions

BY BREA BERGEN The new year brings many things, including parties and fireworks as people count down to the stroke of midnight. For some, it brings a fresh start, a promise of change – the idea that this will be “the year” for them, the one in which they will change something to better themselves. Traditionally, this is called a New Year’s resolution. Some may try to quit a nasty … Continued

List gives resolutions the finger

BY BECKY SHEASBY By this time in the new year, your New Year’s resolutions have either kicked you in the butt or you are succeeding with flying colours. To say the least, our nation seems to have a dysfunctional relationship with resolutions. Maybe you started the year off strong, powering through a new workout routine, eating better and making a happier, healthier you. However, the New Year’s high does tend … Continued

New year, same story

BY TASHA LUNNY The clock strikes 12 a.m. and the new year has finally arrived. For millions of people across the planet this means a chance to change or improve their lives. We call these commitments “resolutions” but most people end up going back to their old ways. Many people declared that 2014 would be a year vastly different from the last, yet most are setting the same resolutions that … Continued