November 18, 2018

Students want parking permit refunds

BY REBECCA SOARES The strike has long been forgotten by many students, but some still have questions. “I didn’t receive any compensation for the parking permits. Are we supposed to get anything? We haven’t really been given any information,” said Monty Khayal, a second-year television broadcast student. The Ontario college strike dragged on for five weeks last semester and once it ended Conestoga staff were faced with many questions including … Continued

Parking passes expensive: students

By REBECCA SOARES Students at Conestoga College can get to class by bus, on foot or by using their own vehicles, but the third option requires students to purchase a parking permit for either one or two semesters. A permit for one semester at Conestoga’s Doon campus costs $262 and increases to $440 for two semesters. While school administrators may believe these to be reasonable prices, students at Conestoga College … Continued

Parking is expensive, so are tickets

BY ROBERT JANES Parking at Conestoga is expensive, however, a local business is selling parking permits for half the price of those sold at the college. David Coros, a first-year general arts and science student, spoke to the owner of Mango King last month about possibly purchasing one of his parking lot permits. The restaurant is located near the college across Homer Watson Boulevard. “It’s 220 bucks for the two semesters and they have a $50 down payment. So as long as … Continued

Students vent about lack of parking

BY SARA SASILA Parking at Conestoga College is a big headache for students and they aren’t happy about it. The parking lots have become more of a battlefield than anything else. Students aggressively driving around in hopes of finding a spot have become a problem. “I’m usually here an hour earlier than my class starts because I worry that I won’t find a parking spot,” said Aidan Boileau, a second-year … Continued