November 16, 2018

Police have to stop shooting people

BY MIKE TURCOTTE-MCCUSKER When people think about the worst developed countries for police-on-civilian violence, the United States usually tops the list, but not many people would guess that Canada is the second worst offender. This is according to a story in the Newfoundland and Labrador Independent titled: Stop the Killing: Fatal police shootings in Canada. It’s our belief that this issue should be getting more attention in this country. What’s … Continued

Mentally ill lack housing

BY ROLAND FLEMING Waterloo Region is not doing enough for its citizens with mental illness. Too often they are left behind and it doesn’t just hurt them, it hurts all of us. People struggling with mental illness are more likely to struggle with consistent poverty, and often have trouble holding down a job. As such, they also often have trouble affording a place to live. As a single person in … Continued

Shaving heads for charity

BY JAMES WELLS Waterloo Regional Police were joined by friends, family and members of the Galactic Empire for the annual Cops for Cancer event on Oct. 1. The local fundraiser was hosted by the Canadian Cancer Society at Cambridge City Hall, one of the many event locations throughout October. Officers from the Waterloo Regional Police Service participated in the fundraiser. According to the Canadian Cancer Society’s website, it’s a tradition every year for the participating officers to collect pledges from co-workers, friends, family and the community in … Continued

Polar Plunge raises $30,000 for Special Olympics Ontario

By PAUL BOREHAM There were various methods to the madness. Some tiptoed to the edge of the platform, looked down and simply hopped in. Others took a bold run and flew like Superman. Some said a few last words before taking the leap. A couple flipped. A mischievous few were intent on splashing the throng that surrounded the pool outside University of Guelph’s Creelman Hall. But all who ultimately found … Continued

Police earn their pay

By JUSTIN FORD Our police officers attempt to protect and serve every time they put their uniforms on and literally step into the line of fire. But now, with reports of the average Toronto cop making $100,000 a year, society seems to be saying that kind of salary doesn’t match the service and protection they provide. Brad Pitt reportedly made $14 million for acting in World War Z in 2013, … Continued