February 23, 2019

Social media carry risks to mental health

By Karina Kajishima, Spoke News Checking the phone before going to bed and right after waking up is a common routine for most of the young people nowadays. However, this habit can be a dangerous one to have and sometimes leads to serious mental health issues. A study conducted by the Royal Society for Public Health and the Young Health Movement showed that “social media was worsening bullying, body image … Continued

Maybe social media isn’t so bad

BY MIKE TURCOTTE-MCCUSKER People give today’s younger generations a lot of grief about how much time is spent on cellphones and computers. Most say they hear it at least once a week: “Kids these days and their damn phones,” or something similar. But what if that cellphone and being on social media could result in saving someone’s life? Is this technology really such a bad thing? The Waterloo Region Record … Continued

Escape the obsession of social media

BY SEAN MALINOWSKI I want to live in the days where you had to look someone up in the telephone book. When you had to put an effort into pursuing a relationship with someone, whether a friendship or more than that. Nowadays you can flex your social muscles over social media platforms. There are, of course, benefits of social media that make our lives as social mammals more efficient. But … Continued