November 18, 2018

Feeling the love this Valentine’s Day

BY JOSH PEDERSON Love is in the air. Decadent chocolates and cuddly stuffed animals line the shelves, all a sign that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. For some, Cupid’s holiday is a blessing. Those under the spell of love use this day to show their affection toward their significant others, often with small, yet thoughtful gestures. Those who aren’t so lucky to have that special someone in their lives often … Continued

Why I love Valentine’s Day and you should too

By MICHELLE MAISONVILLE “You’ve got a pizza my heart,” reads a Ninja Turtle Valentine’s Day card, much like the ones we used to receive back in elementary school. Remember those days? Back before we got caught up in the idea that Valentine’s Day is just for couples to celebrate. We would decorate a bag or box for our classmates to put cards in and give each and every one of … Continued

Celebrate ‘Singles Appreciation Day’

BY NATALEIGH MCCALLUM Flowers, chocolate and a romantic dinner, all which you don’t have to worry about. Let’s be real, you’re going to spend the day on the couch in a pair of sweats watching sappy rom-coms asking yourself why exactly you’re alone on Valentine’s Day. But remember, you’re not the only one. Actually, if you’re single on Valentine’s Day you can participate in “Singles Appreciation Day” which is also … Continued