Horoscope – Week of November 28


It can be difficult for you to listen to others. Giving them time will lead you to new ways of thinking.


Love is difficult to find but not impossible if you take chances and stay


Your mind has grown over the last few weeks but do not forget to take care of your body or both will suffer.


You are now feeling better after a great deal of stress. Be careful not to become complacent.


A recent experience has left you emotionally and
physically drained. There will be a helping hand offered if you know where to look.


Luck has not been with you lately. Perhaps it is time to make your own luck. If you seize the incentive, you may find unexpected


Do not let your recent success go to your head. People may take your
confidence as arrogance.


You need to keep moving forward, never back. This may be a good time to break some of your bad habits.


New events and new people are always in abundance and it can be exhilarating to experience so much novelty but you must give time to your responsibilities.


This is a week to test your limits and push yourself. Try something new, you may be surprised how much you enjoy it.


Your individualism is your strength but you can
sometimes take it to excess. Be careful lest you compromise your reputation.


You may have recently experienced a setback but don’t let it discourage you; the way forward is not always a straight path.


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