June 15, 2024


Students at Conestoga can feel safe knowing Security Services is always looking out for them. Whether it’s the walk safe program or self-defence classes, security’s got your back.

The walk safe program provides escorts to walk students to their cars or residence between 6:45 and 10:45 p.m. from Monday to Thursday. A security guard oversees walk safe, but students can apply to be escorts through the work-study program. A lot of the students who participate are law and security administration or police foundations students, but any student is welcome to apply.

If anybody needs to be walked to their car at night, walk safe will walk them, said Security Services representative Lorna Campbell. Any student can take advantage of the walk safe program by going to Door 1 or 6, or just outside the security office.

Security Services patrols residence 24/7, 365 days a year to make sure everyone there is safe. They also have a bicycle patrol unit patrolling the parking lots and events from May to October, weather permitting. With cameras covering the entire campus, you can be sure that someone’s watching your back.

Security is also in charge of any personal safety concerns.

Nothing’s ever too small, said Campbell. If it’s important to them, it’s important to Security.î Students can confidentially report any concerns they have. Security takes care of cutting locks off if another student put a lock on your locker, bullying, theft and even scratches on your car. They’re also responsible for Lost and Found. Anything lost in any area of the school usually makes its way to the security office, so the fastest way to find your missing item is to drop by.

Security’s help doesn’t stop on campus. As a member of the Domestic Assault Review Team and the Sexual Assault Response Team for Kitchener, Campbell can refer anyone for their services. Go to the security office if you need that information.

Security also provides after-hours access to the school. If any student needs to be at the school after 11 p.m., they have to sign in with Security Services.
They will also be hosting self-defence classes starting in September. You can head to the security office for more details.

We’re just here for anything students need, said Campbell.

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