June 21, 2024


It happens to the best of us. You think you’re completely prepared to move into residence. Then, upon arrival, you realize there are a few things you forgot.

Of course it’s easy to remember your bedding, kitchen utensils, clothing and textbooks, but it’s always those pesky little things you don’t think of that will really come in handy.

Making a checklist is the best way to organize yourself while packing. Categorizing the list (clothing, bathroom supplies, kitchen supplies, etc.) helps you to thoroughly record everything you need and make sure it’s all packed and ready when move-in day comes.

Bedding is a good place to start. Remember to pack bed linens, blankets and pillows for a double-width, queen-length bed. Small furniture items such as a bedside table or bookcase are allowed and are great  for extra storage space.

Although there isn’t always much time for ironing clothes, Conestoga’s residence website suggests bringing an iron and ironing board which will definitely come in handy as there isn’t a ton of space for hanging up clothing.

For the washroom, a shower curtain is something people often don’t realize they have to bring with them. Personal hygiene items such as towels, toilet paper and washroom cleaning items, are also necessities.

Everything you would use in your kitchen at home is good to bring along including cutlery, dishes, glasses, a toaster oven, cooking utensils and dish soap. Hot plates and open heat sources are not allowed in residence as they are possible fire threats. Only CSA-approved electrical appliances with an automatic shut-off feature are permitted which includes kettles, toasters, coffee makers and irons. Only refrigerators and freezers provided by the residence are allowed in the suites.

Laundry machines are available for use in the basement of the building so don’t forget to bring laundry detergent and fabric softener sheets.

Something else that is crucial to remember is your books, writing utensils and whatever other items you may need for completing school work.

Because of heavy Internet use in residence, the Internet often tends to be slow. Ethernet cords are $20 or under and plug into the wall for much faster Internet surfing and downloading which can be a lifesaver.

So, remember all these things and you’ll definitely be prepared for moving into residence.

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