May 25, 2024


Conestoga College will not have a provincial election polling station on site.

Nor will any other college in Ontario.

Earlier this month, Elections Ontario, a non-partisan agency of the legislative assembly of Ontario which is responsible for conducting elections and referendums, decided to choose other locations.

“I understand because not only students, but people in the community would be voting here as well,” said John Tibbits, president of Conestoga College. “I think they were worried about the potential for people to be uncomfortable.”

“A notice of registration card was sent out to 8.8 million electors, so even with the strike being over, the polls will not be relocated back to their original campuses,” said Alicia Fowlie, communications co-ordinator at Elections Ontario.

For the Oct. 6 election, students have the choice to vote in their hometown or in the town where they attend college or university. If a student wishes to do so, that student can apply for a special mail-in ballot. The student can otherwise use the online application for an advanced voting opportunity at

“In my opinion, I agree with the decision,” said Crystal Brown, a first-year broadcasting student at Conestoga College. “To ensure students still have the opportunity to vote, it forces the students who are serious about having their voice heard to put that much more effort into casting their ballot.”

On Sept. 28, Elections Ontario will be on campus to provide students with information on how and where to vote.



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