May 29, 2024


Some would say that working as a housekeeper at a college residence has to be an unpleasant task,especially with all the student parties and intoxicated students making a mess. But there is a lot more to this job than most people think.  The cleaning staff at Conestoga residence does more than clean the building. They also get to know the students personally.

Lisa Brown is the housekeeper supervisor for the Conestoga residence. She has worked there for two and a half years. One of the perks of her job is making friends with the students.

“They call me Mama Brown. I’m more their mom when their mom’s not around, “she said.

Of course, there are times when students do get a bit out of hand. Brown said the worst days for cleaning are Mondays after a weekend of student parties. She also said at least once a month she’ll find puke in the stairwells.

Jean Coles is the maintenance manager for the Conestoga residence. She said the main issues are damage to doors and ceiling tiles. Doors often have to be removed and ceiling tiles replaced. They have also had problems with some students not taking care of their rooms.

“Some of them were pretty bad,” said Coles. “We’ve never had to condemn a room yet. (However) we’ve had to put a lot of work into the rooms.”

But it’s not always that bad. Coles said things have been improving every year.

“I find that over the years it’s been getting better and better.”

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