April 22, 2024
Medieval magic finds its way to Waterloo Park
Photo by Dan MacLeod


If you’re a die-hard fantasy lover then you probably felt right at home Sept. 17 at the Royal Medieval Faire held in Waterloo Park. Attendees were in for a day filled with extraordinary costumes, rare and unique wares and spectacular displays of choreographed battles before the king and queen.

One didn’t need to be eccentric to enjoy the many things the fair had to offer, but fantasy fans in particular found it to be the perfect place to get dressed up in medieval finery and strut their stuff. Everywhere you turned there were kings, queens, knights, witches, warlocks and fairies.  If you didn’t already have a costume prepared, there were plenty of vendors selling dresses, cloaks, chain mail, breeches and more replica weapons than a bylaw officer could possibly know what to do with.

While the fair contained an abundance of attractions for all ages, King Bertram took a moment to explain that the most fulfilling audience is the children.

The magic and wonder of costumes and role playing is reflected in the excitement of the kids in the crowd. This was especially true during the performance fights, the apparent theme of which was fairies versus the king’s court.
If you missed this fun-filled event, don’t fret because there’s always next year.

You can keep yourself posted on the latest news by joining their Facebook group or going to www.royalmedievalfaire.org.

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