April 13, 2024


If you walk down a hallway at any school, you will see students holding cellphones. They may be texting a friend, viewing the latest update on Facebook or surfing the Internet.

There are many opinions on which kind of mobile device is preferred, but at Conestoga College, the most popular smartphone seems to be the BlackBerry.

In a survey of 25 students across the Doon campus, most students own some type of BlackBerry. In second place is the iPhone. Many students say that they enjoy the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) feature that allows you to contact other BBM users for free. However, some owners prefer the Internet capabilities that the iPhone or Android phones have.

Lisa Valletta, a Conestoga student, said, “The Internet on the iPhone is better,” but she enjoys the BlackBerry because of BBM and access to social networks.

In a discussion posted on the Conestoga Students Inc. website, (www.conestogastudents.com), most BlackBerry users agree that the BBM feature is one of the main reasons they own that type of phone.

In a recent article on Yahoo News, RIM ranked fifth in customer satisfaction in a Wireless Smartphone Study in 2011. For three years straight, the iPhone has been No. 1. In second is HTC, which includes Android and Windows smartphones.

The study is based on approximately 7,000 smartphone users, and includes elements such as performance, features, physical design and ease of operation.

The majority of those users have downloaded applications for gaming and social networking.

For iPhone and HTC users at Conestoga College, students enjoy the countless applications it provides. But for the non-smartphone owners, Samsung phones seem to be the most popular around campus, with LG phones in second.

To read more about the Wireless Smartphone Study, visit: http://ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs.

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